Frequently asked questions

No! Whilst our subscription offering is the most convenient way to automate your deliveries, you can always just order when you feel like it on a One-Time purchase basis.

Yes, you can cancel or skip any subscription order anytime before your next billing date. Your next delivery date is always 7 days after the billing date.

Unfortunately, due to UK labelling laws we are unable to add or remove any ingredients upon request. We will be adding more flavours and changing the recipe going forward.

Yes, as long as we've not yet packed and sent your order. Generally speaking once you receive a notification from DPD to say that it's on it's way then it's past the cut-off. 

The RecyCoolBox and insulation is 100% plastic free, compostable, plant based, organic and Kerbside Recyclable. Read more about our supplier at CoolBox Solutions, a fantastic company with fantastic people, really making a a positive impact to the environmental impact of insulated packaging.

Our wooden calzone trays provided by Panibois are biodegradable making them fine for recycling or your home compost heap. 

Our Gel Packs are provided by Thergis. Once defrosted cut open the pack and pour the non-toxic solution down the drain. Rinsing with hot tap water will help dissolve the gel faster. The LDPE 4 labelled plastic outer can be recycled according to your local recycling regulations

Our calzones freeze excellently. Just defrost them in the fridge and cook from chilled rather than from frozen. 

Each package that you receive in the post will have a use-by-date printed on it, the minimum chilled life after arrival is 3 days but often more. You can always freeze any calzones that you don't manage to eat before the use by date.

Don't worry, at the time of ordering we'll ask you for a "safe place" for the delivery driver to leave your package if you're not at home. This is mandatory as we're unable to accept returns unless your order isn't as promised. 

Unfortunately we don't currently have the facilities to offer Gluten Free calzones. 

The reality of safely providing GF portions, for us as a small independent business with a single kitchen space is challenging at this time. However it is something we're thinking about a lot. 

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