1. Buttermilk Fried Chicken Strips
    Deliciously succulent fried chicken fillet strips from our sister brand Cocky Chick.

    from £7.95
  2. Yangnyeom Korean Fried Chicken Strips
    Buttermilk fried chicken strips soaked in a sweet, sticky and mildly spicy Yangnyeom Korean sauce.

    from £8.95
  3. Garlic Cheese & Chorizo Dough Balls
    Garlic butter over cheesy dough balls topped with slices of chorizo.

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  4. Garlic Cheese Calzones (v)
    Roasted garlic herb confit with mozzarella and mature cheddar in our 24-hour Neapolitan-inspired dough, topped with our own garlic and parsley butter.

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  5. TCK Garlic Mayo
    Our very own free-range garlic mayo with a hint of lemon and black pepper. Awesome with all calzones!

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  6. Buffalo Hot Sauce
    We age our chillies and use real butter for an amazing Buffalo style taste. Hot!

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  7. Original Hot Sauce
    Your go-to hot sauce for everything. Hot, garlicky and fruity.

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  8. Habanero Hot Sauce
    Habanero Hot Sauce
    The intense fruity heat of Habanero peppers, bottled. Very Hot!

    £3.29 £3.49
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  9. Burger Sauce
    Burger Sauce
    Take your burger calzones to the next level with this tangy, smoky flavour explosion!

    £3.49 £5.99
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