Our story

Looking back on how far we've come, not only fills us with nostalgia but also motivation to keep on improving and growing as a brand.

Our first calzone was baked way back in 2013, around a dinner table with great friends and even better wine. We had no idea what lay before us...

Sep 2013
Baked our first calzone

June 2014
Glastonbury packed lunch

July 2014
Our first event

May 2015
Our unique Calzone shape was born

June 2015
Moved into our first Gazebo

Photo shoots with friends

September 2017
Food festival fun

October 2017
Horse trailer conversion begins

November 2017
First wedding

December 2017
Freezing cold but all smiles

Feb 2018
Cocky Chick is born

May 2018
First event in our new trailer

June 2018
Calling in favours

August 2018
Growing the business

July 2019
Our regular pop-up event

August 2019
Serving our own wedding guests

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